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Dell 025UXR S370 D820LP Version: A12870-404 Or Later OEMXS # 042303


Price: $20.00

Product Information

AGP expansion-card connector size: 132 pins


Microprocessor type: Intel Pentium III microprocessor that
runs at 533, 600, 667, 733, 800, 866, 933
MHz, 1.00 GHz, or 1.13 GHz internally and
133 MHz externally.

L1 cache: 32 KB SRAM (16-KB data cache; 16-KB
instruction cache)

L2 cache: 256-KB Advanced Transfer Cache that
resides in the processor's core. The L2
cache runs at the processor's internal clock

System Information

System chip set: Intel 82820 AGP set

Data bus width: 64 bits

Address bus width: 32 bits

DMA channels: seven

Interrupt levels: 15

System BIOS: chip 4 Mb (512 KB)

System clock: 133 MHz (matches external processor speed)

Diskette/communications ports: 48 MHz from the system clock

Expansion Bus

Bus types: PCI (version 2.2) and AGP (version 2.0)

Bus speed: AGP: 66 or 133 MHz PCI: 33 MHz

AGP expansion-card connectors: 1 universal

PCI expansion- data card connectors: Five

PCI expansion-card connector size: 124 pins


Architecture: Rambus PC600, PC700, and PC800

RIMM sockets: Two; gold contacts

RIMM capacities: 128 and 256 MB

Minimum RAM: 128 MB

Maximum RAM: 512 MB


Externally accessible

Serial (DTE): 9-pin connector;16550C-compatible

Parallel: 25-hole connector (bidirectional)

PS/2-style keyboard: 6-pin mini-DIN connector

PS/2-compatible mouse: 6-pin mini-DIN connector

Video: 15-hole connector on an AGP video card

USB: Two USB-connectors

Primary EIDE: 40-pin connector

Secondary EIDE: 40-pin connector

Diskette drive: 34-pin connector


Video: AGP 2.0 video card